The Preparations

Following the agreement of sponsorship; time was against us getting the car together and all of the sponsorship material produced. Chris and the Crockery Direct team spent two weeks planning the look and feel of the branding on the car and how we could get the prominent “FRAGILE” decals on the car to spark interest.

As the deadlines for pushing the car to the wrapping team loomed it became clear that the original plans wouldn’t be possible, so we had to improvise. We sent creative straight to the printers in order to get the vinyl decals in various sizes back as soon as possible and in the meantime worked together on a layout.

We decided on a large “^ This Way Up^ FRAGILE” sticker on the roof as a tongue in cheek gesture to the accident prior and its obvious roots in packaging. On the Thursday before the Silverstone race (the first race of sponsorship) the Ginetta GT5 was finally repaired, and the panels painted and with a stroke of luck the stickers arrived the same day. Chris and his team worked tirelessly to prepare the car for Friday practice, but the FRAGILE CROCKERY ON BOARD was born.